Best way to perform iMac Data Recovery

Have you anytime lost data from your iMac computer? There are several reasons for loss of files and folders from iMac computer. However, users need not to worry after loss of data from iMac, because of any reason as it is possible to carryout iMac data recovery using Mac file recovery software.

The main reason of loss of data from iMac computer is journal file corruption. The journal file on computer is similar to log file, which maintains record of all file modifications on hard disk. However, if journal file gets corrupt due to abruptly turning off system or due to any hardware problem and makes wrong entries in file system, then it leads to loss of data on iMac. Even journal file can get corrupt due to overlapping of journaled Meta data and unjournaled file data and results into data loss from iMac computer. In this situation, if user wants to carryout iMac data recovery, then user has to make use of Best Mac Recovery Software. This advanced application can recover lost files from Mac hard drive as well as can recover corrupted volume on hard drive at your fingertips.

The other reason for data loss on iMac computer is volume header corruption. Volume header of any volume is same as that of file header that contains all essential data of the volume. Corruption of volume header can take place due to instant power failure or abrupt shutdown of system. It can also take place due to software conflicts. If corruption of header takes place, then the whole data on volume becomes inaccessible. In such scenarios, if user wants to perform iMac data recovery then user has to make use of Best Mac Recovery Software. Along with iMac, this software can also restore data on Macbook, MacBook Air and from Mac mini in few simple mouse clicks.

Apple partition Map corruption on iMac hard drive also can result into data loss on iMac hard drive. Apple partition map has details of volumes on hard disk, their location, size occupied etc. However, if apple map can get corrupted due to reasons like operating system corruption or any other logical problem then the whole drive can become inaccessible leading to loss of data. In such situations, Best Mac Recovery Software helps you out and in addition it facilitates user to get back photos on Mac as well as other data and media files with utmost ease.

Catalog file corruption can also lead into data loss from iMac as catalog files play a main role in accessing data from Mac volumes. Every volume on Mac hard drive has its specified catalog file, which stores all necessary information about that particular volume. Data from any Mac volume can accessed with the help of node of the catalog file for that particular volume. This tool can also recover media files that went missing due to severe corruption of card reader or storage device and suspicious attack by virus or malware. However, corruption of catalog file or its node due to any reason can lead into inaccessibility of entire volume and data loss. In such case, Best Mac Recovery Software is able to carry out iMac data recovery with ease. This software also facilitates user to retrieve data from portable hdd.

Perform these steps to recover files on iMac:

Step 1: Launch free trail version of the software, choose "Recover Files" option from main screen. Then select "Recover Lost Files" option as illustrated in fig 1.

iMac Data Recovery - Home Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select volume where you want to recover files and click Next to start scanning process.

iMac Data Recovery - Select HDD

Fig 2: Choose Hard Drive

Step 3: Once scanning process finished, you can preview recovered files. Finally save recovery session.

iMac Data Recovery - Preview Results

Fig3: Recovered Files


Do not install the software on the driver from where you need to recover data.

Avoid further new data addition to effected drive so as to avoid data overwriting.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users